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How to Make an Appointment

Created 2006-10-25
Modified 2010-09-16
Views 9543
Author Tom Ingram
Appointments can be easily made by calling our office (270-765-5926) or through this online patient support system:

Click here to request an appointment.

(If you don't have an online account with us yet, click here.)

We can usually make a same day appointment if you call the office before 10am. Priority will be given to acute problems.

This online system is most appropriate for non-emergency appointments.

  • Follow-up: The purpose of this visit is a routine review of your chronic medical problem(s). You may need refill prescriptions or laboratory tests. Overall, you are doing well with no major new problems.
  • Acute: This is a new problem such as a cold, knee sprain, abdominal pain...etc.
  • Complicated: This visit can include follow-up appointments where you also have an acute problem. If you have multiple acute problems (cold plus chronic low back pain) then this would also be considered complicated. Finally, vague conditions such as fatique, weight loss, or "I just don't feel good" are considered complicated.
  • Complete Physical: During a complete physical we review your medical conditions, general health habits, and discuss recommended preventive procedures (eg mammogram, colonoscopy).
  • Simple Physical: The purpose of a simple physical is usually completion of a required exam such as a sports physical, employment physical, foster care physical or DOT/CDL physical.
  • Procedure: Most procedures require an initial visit prior to the procedure. This includes ingrown toenails, removal of lumps, and incision of cysts. Freezing warts, joint injections, and pap smears do not require a prior visit.
When requesting an appointment, it is very important to be specific in the reason why you need to be seen. In this way we can allow enough time for the visit. Sometimes it will be necessary to delay addressing some problems to another visit.

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